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A Blind user sends us an email... (see praise and a need below)

Earlier this week, everyone was out of the office and I had oportunity to talk to a blind person who was trying to use our site. She wanted to read the bible and was having problems using our NETBible on line Bible Study tool. Our page is not designed for blind users. Her text to speech program was reading every link across the page from top to bottom. I had her turn up the volume so I could hear the program as I watch my screen and  it read Matt 1. It got caught up reading all the links in the discovery box. I said this is no good.. We need to redesign our pages to be handicap friendly. (if you can help on this send us a note.  After I got off the phone I asked our techies what we had that might help and I was reminded that our iphone bible reader might be just what she needed as it has a simple interface. . I sent her a link to it earlier today and I just got an email from her that  I wanted to share it with you so you can get some understanding of what your donations provide.


Tonight I got back to that web site you sent me. It is absolutely beautiful. I visited Ecclesiastes 7 and Psalm 1. I was blown away for it told me the verses and also had links that I could go to and hear great notes concerning the scriptural text. It is great and I thank you so very much. At first it would not allow me to save it in my favorites due to the slashes and all, but my sister told me to go to eye phone and that did the trick. I am very ignorant about the internet and how to navigate. The over abundance of words overwhelm me and i want to give up. I know there is a better way to do all this, and possibly I will learn it sometime. Anyway, I have this and this may be about all I desire other than and reading the articles. I saw that there is one by Kirby Anderson that I had not noticed before today. May the Lord be refreshment to you for your work has certainly refreshed me.

small in His greatness,


name withheld

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