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Every church is looking for a new way to raise money for their ministries. wants to help.

Most fundraising can be boring, annoying and not as profitable as you would wish.  Selling pizzas, doing car washes or selling candles is getting very old. has reduce the cost of our Brown Cross Compact Bible to $5, when bought in a case of 32. This Bible sells on our site for $19.95 

You can sell these Bibles for $5, $10, $15 or even $19.95 or any other price in between. You keep all the profit. If you sold the case of Bibles for $10 each you would make $160 per case. If you sold them for $15 you would make $320 per case.

You suggest you sell the Bible in two ways.

Buy as many cases as you think you need, sell them for the price you settle on and bank on the profit.

OR you could create an order form, like a cookie/candle order sheet, gather your pre-orders and then buy the correct amount of Bibles that you need and round up to a case.

Each case has 32 individual wrapped Bibles and weighs 31 pounds. The cases ship from Garland Texas.

These Bibles are even "Prison Ministry" safe.  No hard corners.

For more information about these Bibles you can contact us here. 

If you wish to purchase these Bibles you can call 214-580-1999. 

These Bibles can only be ordered by phone and can only be sold by the case.

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