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Lifeway July 22nd - Risk

How much am I willing to risk to do what the Lord wants me to do?


Background Passage - Judges 6:1-8:21
Lesson Passage Judges 6:11-16;7:9-11,13-15

Shift Your Focus -Judges 6:11-16
Accept God's Prescription for Encourgement - Judges 7:9-11
Acknowledge God's Grace - Judges 7:13-15

Goal: To help adults accept God-given tasks with confidence in the Lord

Artclies to help you with your studies

Act in Faith, Not Fear 
A Work of Faith in Progress 
When More is Less - or - What Happened to Gideon?


Books that may help you with your studies

Java with the Judges - A Bible study in the book of Judges


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