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Work Harder

How do you motivate people to produce, to do a better job? The answer, say motivational experts, is by fulfilling these five needs:

  • Economic security. Workers should feel that their time and effort will be fairly rewarded.
  • Emotional Security. Management must create a climate in which employees 'trust? their superiors, and feel that their jobs contribute to a worthwhile goal.
  • Recognition. Employees should feel that good work will be appreciated and praised.
  • Self-expression. We live in a democracy, and none of us should feel that we surrender that heritage when we enter our place of employment. Employees should have the right to ommunicate ideas, suggestions, fears, and opinions to their superiors without fear of retribution.
  • Self-respect. This is simply the need to be treated as an individual, as a human being-not a statistic.

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