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Level of Spiritual


Witnessing Tactic

IgnoranceUninformedPray, instruct, nurture
IndifferenceUnconcernedShare, Confront with the claims of Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to stir.
HostilityBitter, angryLove, listen, share Jesus.
Continue with patience.
ConvictionHeavy hearted, MiserableCall attention to work of Holy Spirit.
Guide through the steps in coming to Christ.
ConversionReadyGuide through the conversion experience. Instruct in how to follow Christ.
GrowingAlready a Christian. Following Christ.Share in fellowship. Encourage to witness. Pray together for lost acquaintances.
Spiritual DecliningDiscouraged, defeated,
Overcome by sin
Show patience, love, listen, encourage. Help reinvolve the person in following Christ. Help bridge the gap

Darrell W. Robinson, People Sharing Jesus, (Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1995), p. 109

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