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What Really Counts

1. John Bacon, eminent 18th-century English sculptor, said on his deathbed, “What I was as an artist seemed to be of some importance while I lived, but what I really am as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is the only thing of importance to me now.”

2. English physicist and chemist Michael Faraday (1791-1867) was asked, “Have you ever pondered by yourself what will be your occupation in the next world?” Faraday hesitated awhile and then responded, “I shall be with Christ, and that is enough.”

3. The 17th century Scottish theologian Samuel Rutherford gave this triumphant testimony before he stepped into eternity: “Mine eye shall see my Redeemer. He has pardoned, loved, and washed me, and given me joy unspeakable and full of glory. Glory shines in Immanuel’s land!”

Daily Walk, April 10, 1992

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