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Untouched Fortune

Morris Siegel was a street person in Los Angeles. He lived like most street people--roaming about in back alleys, sleeping out-of-doors, carrying everything he owned in an old shopping cart. He was found in an alley, dead of natural causes, perhaps heart trouble.

The interesting thing about Morris is that he had $207,421 in the bank at the time of his death. It seems that Morris’ father died and left him the money ten years earlier. When Morris did not claim it, the Division of Unclaimed Property tracked him down, and his family forced him to accept it. He took only enough of the money to buy an old car, where he slept in bad weather. Relatives rented an apartment for him, but he never went there. He died December 14, 1989, with three dollars in his pocket and an untouched fortune in the bank.

Source unknown

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