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The Testimony of Bob the Athiest

My name is Bob I came from a blob,
of chemicals mixed just so
Or was it a dot, compressed a lot?
I don.t think we.ll ever know

Time gave me a body,
It.s not too shoddy,
two arms, two legs and a chest

Time gave me a head,
two lips that are red
And two eyes that are nicely recessed

Chance gave me a nose,
with two little holes,
two ears that shift when I smile

Chance gave me a voice,
a throat that is moist
And some hair I can comb and style

Luck gave me a rump,
to sit on a stump,
or anything hard with some ease

Luck gave me a waist,
a tongue that can taste
And a neck that turns when I sneeze

Did I mention my brain?
And all of my veins,
and my heart that beats on its own?

Did I mention my skin,
my lungs and my chin,
And my frame that is made of hard bone?

I credit mutation for my creation,
fate and good fortune helped too

My tail is now gone,
a new day has dawned
It.s good to get out of the zoo!

Pastor Peter Grenier Danforth Baptist Church, Maine
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