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The Sufficient Blood

His blood is so sufficient
He tells us in His word
On the mercy seat in heaven
It was put there by our Lord.

It stops the accuser of the brethren
As he walks before the throne
Our God just points to the blood
And Satan knows He cares for His own.

It’s sufficient for any situation
To nourish, to cleanse, and keep.
Oh, magnify your name my Lord
My soul with rapture leaps.

Can my sins though oh so many
Make this blood of no avail
Once I’ve named the name of Jesus
In my heart, I cannot fail.

His word has proclaimed it
The work begun in me
Will someday be completed
When His dear face I see.

And when I dwell in heaven
As the ages roll along
Oh, that precious blood of Jesus
Will be my victory song.

Source unknown

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