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Proper Humility in a Leader

Bill Hybels related a story of integrity in Leadership Magazine.

One evening I stopped by the church just to encourage those who were there rehearsing for the spring musical. I didn’t intent to stay long, so I parked my car next to the entrance. After a few minutes, I ran back to my car and drove home.

The next morning I found a note in my office mailbox. It read: A small thing, but Tuesday night when you came to rehearsal, you parked in the “No Parking” area. A reaction from one of my crew (who did not recognize you after you got out of your car) was, “There’s another jerk in the ‘No Parking’ area!” We try hard not to allow people—even workers—to park anywhere other than the parking lots. I would appreciate your cooperation, too. It was signed by a member of our maintenance staff.

(This man’s) stock went up in my book because he had the courage to write to me about what could have been a slippage in my character.

And he was right on the mark. As I drove up that night, I had thought, I shouldn’t park here, but after all, I am the pastor. That translates: “I’m an exception to the rules.” But that employee wouldn’t allow me to sneak down the road labeled “I’m an exception.”

I’m not the exception to church rules or any of God’s rules. Exemplary conduct means encouraging others to imitate us, even in the small matters.

Leading the Way by Paul Borthwick, Navpress, 1989, Page 57-58

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