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Printing Errors

In the Waco, Neb., Peace Lutheran Church bulletin: 'last Sunday's bulletin should have read: "Erich Honecker, the deposed communist leader of East Germany,? rather than 'the decomposed communist leader."'

Correction printed in the Russellville, Ky., News-Democrat & Leader: "Dorothy Combs listed in the District Court news pleaded not guilty, not guilty.'

From the Fresno, Calif., Bee: An item about the Massachusetts budget crisis made reference to new taxes that will help put Massachusetts "back in the African-American.? The item should have said "back in the black."'

In the Chicago Tribune: "The last sentence of Mike Royko's column was omitted in some editions of Thursday's Tribune. The last line should have said: "eeeeyaaach.? The Tribune regrets the error.'

Reader's Digest, June 1995

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