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Prayer Involves…

  • Admission—”I can’t do it myself.”
  • Submission—we bow our desires before the presence of our sovereign Savior.
  • Transmission—God’s Spirit intercepts our petition and intercedes on our behalf.
  • Intermission—waiting on God between the time we ask and the time He answers.
  • Permission—God says “Yes.”
  • Revision—”God says “another way!” At times God delivers as we pray.

For example, Peter miraculously escaped from his Roman guards while the Jerusalem church prayed (Acts 12:5-17). At times God detours, such as He did with Christ. Instead of allowing Christ to ascend before Calvary, that ascension did not occur until afterward (Mark 14:36). He reached his destination but by an alternative route. God also delays.

Zacharias and Elizabeth had prayed for a son over the decades of their married life. It was not until they were beyond childbearing age that God answered (Luke 1:13). God also can say no. (Psalm 66:18, Isaiah 1:15).

Divine Healing Today, Richard Mayhue, Moody Press, pp. 102 ff.

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