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  • Peladophobia: fear of baldness and bald people.
  • Aerophobia: fear of drafts.
  • Porphyrophobia: fear of the color purple.
  • Chaetophobia: fear of hairy people.
  • Levophobia: fear of objects on the left side of the body.
  • Dextrophobia: fear of objects on the right side of the body.
  • Auroraphobia: fear of the northern lights.
  • Calyprophobia: fear of obscure meanings.
  • Thalassophobia: fear of being seated.
  • Stabisbasiphobia: fear of standing and walking.
  • Odontophobia: fear of teeth.
  • Graphophobia: fear of writing in public.
  • Phobophobia: fear of being afraid.

From Nothing to Fear, by Fraser Kent, Doubleday & Company, 1977.

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