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Pastor’s Opinion Poll

Consider what pastors think about work, home, and lifestyles as reported in a recent survey conducted by Leadership magazine:

  • 94 percent feel pressured to have an ideal family;
  • The top four problems in clergy marriages are: 81 percent, insufficient time; 71 percent, use of money; 70 percent, income level; 64 percent, communication difficulties, 63 percent, congregational expectations; and 57 percent, differences over leisure;
  • 24 percent have received or are receiving marital counseling;
  • 33 percent of pastors are dissatisfied with the level of sexual intimacy in their marriages; and pastors report 16 percent of their spouses are dissatisfied, which 69 percent blame on their busy schedule, 54 percent on their spouse’s schedule, and 35 percent on frequent night church meetings;
  • 22 percent seek supplemental income to make ends meet;
  • 28 percent feel current compensation is inadequate;
  • 69 percent of the spouses work outside the home to make ends meet;
  • 67 percent of the pastors feel positive about their spouses working outside their home;
  • 9 percent of clergy have had extramarital affairs;
  • 19 percent have had inappropriate sexual contact with another person other than their spouse;
  • 55 percent of clergy have no one with whom they can discuss their sexual temptation.

Pastors at Risk , H. B. London, Jr. & Neil B. Wiseman, Victor Books, 1993, pp. 34-35

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