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Old Smoothies Contest

A couple we know recently attended their 60 year high school class reunion. During the evening they were chosen to head a group that would judge the Old Smoothies dance contest. The husband has a hearing problem and his wife has been trying to get him to get a hearing aid. When the contest got down to the last two partners, the wife conferred with the group of judges and then whispered the name of the winners to her husband. He didn’t hear, so she told him again and then yelled, “Get the bananas out of your ears!” The husband immediately seized the microphone and announced the winners: “Mr. and Mrs. Bonnanas!” Their name turned out to be Smith. That wasn’t bad enough--then the wife explained to the Smiths that they had won because they did such a great job of executing all those dips.

“Dips? What dips?” said Mr. Smith. “We were just trying to hold each other up.”

Bits and Pieces, April, 1991

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