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More Money For Flynn

A good many years ago a steel executive, strolling through one of the company's plants, stopped to talk to a long-time employee who was shoveling ore. "How much do you get a week, Flynn"? the executive asked. The man told him. "You ought to be getting more than that. We should pay you a certain amount extra after you have shoveled a stated amount each day.?

"There'd be no use in doing that,? the man answered, "I work as hard as I can now. And no matter how hard I work, I can't shovel more than a ton of ore each day.?

The steel executive returned to his office and, in spite of what the man had said, gave instructions to the payroll department to pay him more if he shoveled more. A few weeks later the executive again stopped to chat with the worker who now seemed somewhat embarrassed.

"What's the matter, Flynn"? he asked. "Well,? said the fellow, "I'll tell you. The other day when you were here I told you I couldn't shovel more than a ton of ore a day. I thought I was telling you the truth at the time. But since you have made that new arrangement, I am handling four tons a day, and it does not seem as hard as the one ton I formerly did. Each time a shovelful shoots through the air, I say to myself, 'there's more money for Flynn!"?

Bits and Pieces, July, 1991

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