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Missing Word

Three contestants in a TV quiz show were down to the last question of the final round. The emcee said, “Come up with the missing word at the end of the phrase and spell it correctly, and you’ll win our grand-prize trip to Europe. Are you ready? The phrase is, ‘Old MacDonald had a ____.’ And remember, you must spell the missing word.”

The first contestant proposed, “Old MacDonald had a house— h-o-u-s-e.”

The audience groaned.

The second contestant tried, “Old MacDonald had a ranch—r-a-n-c-h.”

More audience groaning.

The third contestant got up and said, “Old MacDonald had a farm.”

The applause was deafening. When it calmed down the emcee said, “All right—what you have to do now is spell the magic word and you win our super-deluxe, super-fabulous trip to Europe.”

“That’s easy,” said the contestant. “E-I-E-I-O.”

Vyto Kapocius, quoted by Alex Thien in Milwaukee Sentinel

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