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The Minor Prophets and their Message

Hosea The Lord loves Israel despite her sin. 755-15 B.C.
Joel Judgment precedes Israel’s future spiritual revival.835-796* B.C.
AmosGod is just and must judge sin.765-50 B.C.
ObadiahSure retribution must overtake merciless pride.848* B.C.
JonahDivine grace is universal in its sweep.780-50 B.C.
MicahBethlehem-born Messiah will be mankind’s Deliverer.740-690 B.C.
NahumDoom is to descend on wicked Nineveh.630-12 B.C.
HabakkukJustification by faith is God’s way of salvation.625 B.C. or earlier
ZephaniahThe Day of the Lord must precede kingdom blessing.625-10 B.C.
HaggaiThe Lord’s Temple and interests deserve top priority.520 B.C.
ZechariahThe Lord will remember His people Israel.520-15 B.C.; Ch. 9-14 after 500 B.C.
MalachiLet the wicked be warned by the certainty of judgment.433-400 B.C.

All dates are approximate

*The text does not specifically date these prophets. As a result differences of opinion exist concerning the time of their ministries.

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