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To Love My Children, I Must Remember …

1. They are children.

2. They tend to act like children.

3. Much of childish behavior is unpleasant.

4. I do my part as a parent and love them despite their childish behavior, they will be able to mature and give up childish ways.

5. If I only love them when they please me (conditional love), and convey my love to hem only during those times, they will not feel genuinely loved. This in turn will make them insecure, damage their self-image, and actually prevent them from moving on to better self-control and more mature behavior. Therefore, their behavior is my responsibility as much as theirs.

6. If I love them unconditionally, they will feel good about themselves and be comfortable with themselves. They will then be able to control their anxiety and, in turn, their behavior, as they grow into adulthood.

Dr. Ross Campbell, How to Really Love Your Child.

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