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I killed that dog

I have never been a great hunter. I try from time to time but never with any success. I do have lots of venison in my freezer. I call it mercy venison. Other hunters give it to me because they know, I did not get my own deer. My father-in'law despite lung cancer and other health issues shot two deer last season. I'm 46 and have never got my picture taken with dead meat. My son shot a deer at age 14 on his first day of hunting. However, I did shoot a dog. This statement always gets me into trouble. There is a big social no-no around dog killing. So let me tell you what happened. I was hunting up in Michigan's U.P. around Rice Lake with some other hunters. I was in a remote location assigned to me by the leader of our hunting camp. It was at the back of a little clearing looking over a wetland. I had been up early and ate a great hunting camp breakfast, so I fell asleep. I must have looked like something that had died in the woods. I was awoken by two wild dogs, which were deciding which part to eat first. When I moved they began to growl. I thought a very dumb thought, "I'm dead, and these dogs are going to eat me!" They continued to circle me and growl. Then I remembered I have a shotgun. I picked up my old 16-gage shotgun and shot one of the dogs in the head. It dropped dead and the other dog escaped into the woods. Not very long after my successful dog hunt, some of the other hunters showed up to help me track my deer. They asked, "What did you get"? They expected me to say, " A spike horn buck,? but I said to their amazement, "A Dog!" Sometimes in life, we must kill what endangers us. That is very true when it comes to our soul, we must kill the sin that destroys our walk with God. Tim Manzer, SoulRehab
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