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I Believe It

D. L. Moody often told this experience:

“Mr. Moody, what do you do with that?” “I do not do anything with it.” “How do you understand it?” “I do not understand it.” “How do you explain it.” “I do not explain it.” “What do you do with it?” “I do not do anything with it.” “You do not believe it, do you?” “Oh, yes, I believe it.” “Well, you don’t accept anything you can’t understand, do you?” “Yes, I certainly do. There are lots of things I do not understand, but I believe them. I do not know anything about higher mathematics, but I believe in them. I do not understand astronomy, but I believe in astronomy...A man told me a while ago he would not believe a thing he had never seen, and I asked him if he had ever seen his own brain? Did you ever notice that the things at which men cavil most are the very things on which Christ has set His seal?”

Source unknown

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