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I’m Glad Were Going Up

I’ve been intrigued by a television advertisement for life insurance. It’s about a businessman who thinks that he was almost hit by a car. Somewhat ruffled, he says, “Whew, that was close! I didn’t think I was going to make it.” Suddenly two men in white suits join him on the busy street, and one of them replies, “You didn’t!” The three then engage in some light talk as they begin walking together. The businessman remarks that at least he has peace of mind because he knows his family is covered by insurance. then they all mysteriously walk through some solid objects to show that they are now existing in a new dimension. The real punch comes in the last line of the ad, however, as the man and his two escorts are riding an escalator up into the clouds. It is then that you hear him say with relief, “I’m sure glad we’re going up!”

That last line was meant to provide some comic relief, but for the thoughtful person it raises the serious issue of heaven and hell. It reminds us of Jesus’ words in today’s Scripture that not all people are “going up.” He said that in the resurrection some would come forth unto the resurrection of life and some unto the resurrection of damnation. Jesus is the only One who can five us eternal life. When we place our trust in Christ, who died for us, He assures us of an eternal home in heaven. - M.R.D. II

Our Daily Bread, March 24

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