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Hebrews 7:20-27


  • Ask Him Anything, L. J. Ogilvie, Word, 1981, pp. 184ff


During the Civil War, there was a young Union soldier who had lost his father and older brother in the war. He went to Washington, D.C., to see if he could get an exemption from military service so that he could go back home and help his mother and sister with the spring planting. When he approached the White House and asked to see the president, he was turned away.

Totally disheartened, the soldier sat down on a park bench nearby. A little boy approached him and said, “You look unhappy, soldier. What’s wrong?”

After the soldier shared his story, the little boy took him by the hand. He led him through the back door of the White House, past the guards, and into the president’s office itself. President Lincoln looked up and asked, “What can I do for you, Tad?”

Tad said, “Daddy, this soldier needs to talk to you”—and the soldier was not turned away.

When Jesus completed the work of salvation, He opened up the way so that we could have access to God. Those who have placed their trust in Christ may come directly to the Heavenly Father with their petitions. And the Son sits on the Father’s right hand and says, “Daddy, this is someone who needs to talk to You.” He is the only intercessor we need. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Progress Magazine, December 12/13, 1992

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