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Good Advice 2

  • Business is made up of ambiguous victories and nebulous defeats. Claim them all as victories.
  • Keep track of what you do; someone is sure to ask.
  • Be comfortable around senior managers, or learn to fake it.
  • Never bring your boss a problem without some solution. You are getting paid to think, not to whine.
  • Long hours don’t mean anything; results count, not effort.
  • Write down ideas; they get lost like good pens.
  • Always arrive at work 30 minutes before your boss.
  • Be sure to sit at the conference table-never by the wall.
  • Help other people that network for jobs. What goes around comes around.
  • Don’t take sick days-unless you are.
  • Assume no one can/will keep a secret.
  • Always have an answer to the question “What would I do if I lost my job tomorrow?”
  • Go to the company holiday party.
  • Don’t get drunk at the company holiday party
  • Avoid working on the weekends. Work longer during the week if you have to.
  • The most successful people in business are interesting.
  • Sometimes you’ll be on a roll and everything will click; take maximum advantage. When the opposite is true, hold steady and wait it out.
  • Never in your life say,” It’s not my job.”
  • Be loyal to your career, your interests and yourself.
  • Understand the skills and abilities that set you apart. When ever you have an opportunity, use them.
  • People remember the end of the project. As they say in boxing,” Always finish stronger than you start.”

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