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Good Advice 1

  • Love God more than you fear hell.
  • Once a week, let a child take you on a walk.
  • Make major decisions in a cemetery.
  • When no one is watching, live as if someone is.
  • Succeed at home first.
  • Don’t spend tomorrow’s money today.
  • Pray twice as much as you fret.
  • Listen twice as much as you speak.
  • Only harbor a grudge where God does.
  • Never outgrow your love of sunsets.
  • God has forgiven you, you’d be wise to do the same.
  • When you can’t trace God’s hand, trust His heart.
  • Toot your own horn and the notes will be flat.
  • The book of life is lived in chapters, so know your page number.
  • Live your Christianity.

Max Lucado, In The Eye of the Storm.

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