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Features of a Mission Statement

A clear mission statement answers three questions:

1) who is your ministry focus group?

2) what needs are you seeking to meet?

3) how will you accomplish your mission'

Ministry focus group: Age and income ranges, marriage patterns, number of children, ethnic groups, educational level, typical occupation, percent of spouses who work, housing patterns, hobbies, leisure activities, music preferences, social concerns, felt needs, basis for social relationships.

Clarify what needs you'll seek to meet: what are their felt needs, what needs are we uniquely qualified to meet, how, when'

Identify 3-5 key ministry areas: what will attract your focus group.

Draft a mission statement (25-30 words"?We're trying to reach these people with these needs by these means.?).

Popularize it in 5 to 10 words.

A vision statement pictures the future. A mission statement tells how to get there.

Peter Drucker's three "musts? of a successful mission:

1) look at strength and performance. Do better what you do well-if it's the right thing to do.

2) Look at the opportunities, the needs. Where can you, with limited resources, really make a difference?

3) Look at what you really believe. "I've never seen anything being done well unless people were committed.?

Bob Logan, Source unknown

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