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Expulsion of demons

Specific instances:

Mk 1:21-28; Lk 4:31-37. Demoniac in the synagogue at Capernaum.

Mt 9:32-34. Dumb demoniac.

Mt 15:21-28; Mk 7:24-30. Daughter of the Syrophoenician woman.

Mt 8:28-34; Mk 5:1-20; Lk 8:26-39. Gadarene demoniacs.

Mt 12:22; Lk 11:14. Blind and mute demoniac.

Mt 17:14-21; Mk 9:14-29; Lk 9:37-43. Epileptic child.

The New Unger’s Bible Handbook, Merrill F. Unger, Revised by Gary N. Larson, Moody Press, Chicago, 1984, p.389

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