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Ephesians 4:1

Needling Each Other

In his book Great Church Fights, Leslie B. Flynn tells how two porcupines in the freezing north country of Canada huddled together to keep warm. But because they were pricked by each other’s quills, they moved apart. Soon they were shivering again and had to lie side by side once more for their own survival. They needed each other, even though they needled each other!

Says Flynn, “How like Christians! Through the centuries the church, instead of majoring in communion, has often muddled in contention. Despite the halo of spirituality imagined over the apostolic church, the dust clouds of sharp collisions were equally visible. There was Paul’s dispute with Barnabas, the clashes of the cliques at Corinth, the contention of the women at Philippi, and sever other controversies.” Flynn goes on to show that even though there may be conflicts among Christians, they should not overshadow the greater spiritual warmth received from gathering with the family of God. Because of Jesus’ redemptive work, the Holy Spirit binds us together and gives us the help and strength we need.

The Rest of the Story, p. 96

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