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Early decision

One Wednesday evening, as we were preparing for mid-week service, a little boy who had just moved into our community, was riding his bike in the church parking lot.  One of our deacons spotted the five year old boy and decided to invite him to church.

"Young man, do you live close by?", he asked.

"Yes, I live in that house right down there," he replied, pointing to his new home. 

The deacon asked, "Do you go to church anywhere?"

"No, we don't go anywhere." the young boy replied.

"Would you like to come to Sunday School this Sunday?" the deacon asked.

"What do they teach in that Sunday School?", questioned the boy.

"They teach Bible Stories and tell you about Jesus."  replied the deacon.

"Do they teach any math, in this Sunday School?  If they do, I'm not coming!" the little lad declared, emphatically.

At five years old, this little lad had been introduced to math and had already determined he had enough of it to last him for the rest of his life  This gives us a chuckle, but I wonder how many boys and girls have seen "our brand" of religion and have decided they have already had enough to last them for the rest of their lives.

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