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Don’t Forbid Them

Said a precious little laddie to his Father one bright day
“May I give myself to Jesus? Let Him wash my sins away?”
“Oh my son, but you’re too little wait until you older grow,
For bigger folk ‘tis true do need Him but little ones are safe, you know.”

Said the Father to the laddie as a storm was coming on,
“Are the sheep all safely sheltered safe within the fold, my son?”
“Ah—the big ones are, my Father but the lambs, I let them go
For I didn’t think it mattered, little ones are safe, you know.”

Oh my brother, oh, my sister; have you too made that mistake'
Little hearts that now are yielded may be hardened then too late.
Ere the evil days come nigh them “Let the children come to Me
And forbid them not,” said Jesus “Of such shall my Kingdom be.”

Author unknown

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