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Corporate Manager Survey

A study was recently completed on corporate managers. In it they were asked if they voiced positions that (1) focused on the good of the company, rather than personal benefit; and (2) jeopardized their own careers. Emerging from this study were the four leader-types which are found in all organizations.

  • Type #1—courageous. These people expressed ideas to help the company improve, in spite of personal risk or opposition.
  • Type #2—confronting. These people spoke up, but only because of a personal vendetta against the company.
  • Type #3—calloused. These people didn’t know, or care, whether they could do anything for the company; they felt helpless and hopeless, so they kept quiet.
  • Type #4—conforming. These people also remained quiet, but only because they loathed confrontation and loved approval. The researchers discovered that the courageous managers accomplished the most, reported the highest job satisfaction, and eventually were commended by superiors. Their commitment had certainly improved the quality of their lives.

Courage - You Can Stand Strong in the Face of Fear, Jon Johnston, 1990, SP Publications, pp. 138-139

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