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Christ My All

  • Christ for sickness, Christ for health,
  • Christ for poverty, Christ for wealth,
  • Christ for joy, Christ for sorrow,
  • Christ today and Christ tomorrow;
  • Christ my Life, and Christ my Light,
  • Christ for morning, noon and night,
  • Christ when all around gives way
  • Christ my everlasting Stay;
  • Christ my Rest, and Christ my Food
  • Christ above my highest good,
  • Christ my Well-beloved Friend
  • Christ my Pleasure without end;
  • Christ my Savior, Christ my Lord
  • Christ my Portion, Christ my God,
  • Christ my Shepherd, I His sheep
  • Christ Himself my soul to keep;
  • Christ my Leader, Christ my Peace
  • Christ hath wrought my soul’s release,
  • Christ my Righteousness divine
  • Christ for me, for He is mine;
  • Christ my Wisdom, Christ my Meat,
  • Christ restores my wandering feet,
  • Christ my Advocate and Priest
  • Christ who ne’er forgets the least;
  • Christ my Teacher, Christ my Guide,
  • Christ my Rock, in Christ I hide,
  • Christ the Ever-living Bread,
  • Christ His precious Blood hath shed;
  • Christ hath brought me nigh to God,
  • Christ the everlasting Word
  • Christ my Master, Christ my Head,
  • Christ who for my sins hath bled;
  • Christ my Glory, Christ my Crown,
  • Christ the Plant of great renown,
  • Christ my Comforter on high,
  • Christ my Hope, draws ever nigh.

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