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Blessings of the Gospel

The supreme blessing in which one can truly know the goodness of God is not temporal possessions, but the eternal blessing that God has called us to—His holy gospel. In this gospel we hear that God will be gracious to us for the sake of His Son, will forgive and eternally save us, and will protect us in this life against the tyranny of the Devil and the world. To someone who properly appreciates this blessing, everything else is a trifle. Though he is poor, sick, despised, and burdened with adversities, he sees that he keeps more than he has lost. If he has no money and goods, he knows nevertheless that he has a gracious God; if his body is sick, he knows that he is called to eternal life. His heart has this constant consolation: Only a short time, and everything will be better.”

Martin Luther, quoted in Closer Walk, July, 1988, p. 9

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