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Be Fully Available Right Where You Are

One afternoon author Patsy Clairmont found herself on an airplane, sitting next to a young man. She writes, "I had already observed something about this young man when I was being seated. He called me "Ma-am.? At the time I thought, "Either he thinks I'm ancient, or he's from the South where they still teach manners, or he's in the service.? I decided the latter was the most likely, so I asked, "You in the service"?

"Yes, Ma-am, I am.?

"What branch"?


"Hey, Marine, where are you coming from"?

"Operation Desert Storm, Ma-am.?

"No kidding? Desert Storm! How long were you there"? I asked.

"A year and a half. I'm on my way home. My family will be at the airport.?

I then commented that he must have thought about returning to his family and home many times while he was in the Middle East.

"Oh, no, Ma-am,? he replied. "We were taught never to think of what might never be, but to be fully available right where we were.?

Focus on the Family, July, 1993, p. 5

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