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18 people went hunting for 6 days without success. On the 7th day and at about 5.30PM. they were fortunate to hunt down a very fat buffalo. Tired and weary the eighteen people sighed and counted their blessings. Many miles from home, in a thick forest and with an animal which weighed several hundred Kilograms, the hunters felt exteamly lucky. At a glance they all felt they would be welcomed back at home since their mission had been fulfilled. However, one of the eighteen excused himself and went at a distance to relieve himself. When he returned the poor hunter found the catch was still lying there but his collegues missing. The hunter looked up and around but there was no sight of his collegues. The poor hunter ran away in fear of what may have befallen his mates leaving the catch and running for what he termed his dear life. Likewise Christians start up a mission with others and when the going suffers and they feel unrecogonized they withdraw and abandon God's work.
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