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2 Timothy 4:1-4

This Is What We Want

In April, 1985, I visited in a couple’s home who told me how they had been fans of Dr. Gene Scott from Southern California, and what a great preacher he was. They hadn’t been at church for a while, so I went to visit them. When I arrived, Dr. Scott was on TV—they’d purchased a satellite dish in order to stay current with his teaching. After some chit-chat, the husband turned to me and said, “You’re probably wondering why you haven’t seen us at church lately. Right then, Dr. Scott held up a book about the lost city of Atlantis and the pyramids, and the husband looked at me and said, “This is what we want in Bible teaching, and we haven’t ever heard this taught in any of the churches we’ve been in!”

John Underhill, Spokane, WA

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