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2 Peter 3:4ff

False assumptions

(1) Nothing has changed

(2) Nothing does change

(3) Nothing will change.

But people only believe this by carefully avoiding the facts: At one point in the past things did drastically change: The Flood!

Source unknown

Fun-Loving Audience

The Danish philosopher, Kierkegaard, tells a parable of a theater where a variety show is proceeding. Each show is more fantastic than the last, and is applauded by the audience. Suddenly the manager comes forward. He apologizes for the interruption, but the theater is on fire, and he begs his patrons to leave in an orderly fashion. The audience think this is the most amusing turn of the evening, and cheer thunderously. The manager again implores them to leave the burning building, and he is again applauded vigorously. At last he can do no more. The fire raced through the whole building and the fun-loving audience with it.

“And so,” concluded Kierkegaard, “will our age, I sometimes think, go down in fiery destruction to the applause of a crowded house of cheering spectators.”

Resource, July/August, 1990

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