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2 Corinthians 8


  • The Grace Awakening, C. Swindoll, 1990, p.118


In 2 Cor. 8-9 giving was:

and it:

Church centered (8:1)Blessed others (9:1-5)
From the heart (8:2-9)Blessed the giver (9:6-11)
Proportionate (8: 10-15)Glorified God (9:12-15)
Handled honestly (8:16-24) 

Getting the Church on Target, Lloyd Perry, Moody, 1977

Which One is the Lord’s'

During calving season a farmer came home quite excited and announced, “One of our cows had two calves. I think we should give one to the Lord.” After discussion, the family wanted to know which calf was going to be the Lord’s. The farmer said, “When the time comes to sell them, I’ll know which one is the Lord’s.” A few days later the farmer came back to the house looking dejected and announced, “The Lord’s calf just died.”

Source unknown


The outstanding Baptist preacher, Dr. George W. Truett, was helping a struggling congregation raise money for their church building. They still needed $6500. Truett found the response weak. With only $3000 pledged he said in exasperation, “Do you expect me to give the other $3500 needed to reach your goal? I’m just a guest here today.”

Suddenly, a woman near the back stood. Looking at her husband seated on the platform recording pledges, she said in a shaking voice, “Charlie, I wonder if you would be willing for us to give our little home? We were offered exactly $3500 cash for it yesterday. If the Saviour gave His life for us, shouldn’t we make this sacrifice for Him?”

Truett reported that the fine husband responded with equal generosity. “Yes, Jennie, I was thinking the same thing.” Turning to Truett, he said, “Brother Truett, if it’s needed, we’ll raise our pledge by $3500.”

Silence reigned for a few moments. Then some of the folks began to sob. Those who fifteen minutes earlier had refused to do more now either added their names to the list or increased their donations. In a short time, their goal had been achieved, and Charlie and Jennie didn’t have to forfeit their home. Their willingness to sacrifice had stimulated others to similar generosity.

Leslie B. Flynn, in Resource, July/August, 1990


There was a man, they called him mad;
The more he gave, the more he had.

Source unknown

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