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2 Chronicles 26:19

Don’t Drown in a Mud Puddle

A saintly Christian man who was talking about the spiritual dimension of life said, “If you’re going to drown, don’t do it in a mud puddle.” He simply meant that he could understand why a person would struggle with his faith as a result of going through unusually deep waters of pain or grief. But he considered it utterly absurd that a believer would allow his testimony to be marred and his service rendered useless because of resentment over a small hurt or an ordinary disappointment.

In our text for today, King Uzziah let pride and envy cause him to break God’s clearly prescribed law regarding worship. He apparently resented the fact that he as king could not perform the task assigned to the high priest. So with presumption he intruded into the sanctuary, and God afflicted him with leprosy. After about 50 years of excellent rule, he had “drowned in a mud puddle.” How tragic!

Christians today can fall prey to a similar lack of discernment. A deacon lost the respect of his neighbors because he started a big ruckus with the unsaved man next door over a bush on their lot line. Another man was hurt and left the church in a huff because the class he had been leading for a long time wanted another teacher. Both men allowed little problems to mar their witness.

How do you handle the hurts, disappointments, rebuffs, griefs, and irritations that are common to all of us? Be careful to maintain balance! You don’t want to drown in a mud puddle.-H.V.L.

Our Daily Bread, Friday, January 27.

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