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1 Peter 3:15

Sanctifying Christ

How am I to sanctify Jesus Christ? It is the same word used in the Lord’s Prayer as “hallowed.” We sanctify or hallow one who is holy already when we recognize the holiness and honor what we recognize. So the plain meaning of the commandment here is: Set Christ in your hearts on the pedestal and pinnacle that belongs to Him, and then bow down before Him with all reverence and submission. Be sure you give Him all that is His due, and in the love of your hearts, as well as in the thoughts of your mind, recognize Him for what He is—the Lord. Many of us only see a part of the whole Christ. He is our Creator as well as our Redeemer, our Judge as well as our Savior. Forgetting that, some do not hallow Him enough in their hearts as Lord. Embrace the whole Christ, and see to it that you do not dethrone Him from His rightful place or take from Him the glory due His name.

Alexander Maclaren

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