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1 John 3:2


  • Leadership IV, 3, p. 95, Another World

Comfort in Death

Charles Simeon, the great 19th-century English preacher, lived in this hope to the day of his death. As he lay mortally ill in his Cambridge home, he realized that his time on earth was fast slipping away. He turned to those at his bedside and asked, “Do you know what comforts me just now? I find infinite consolation in the fact that in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” His friends asked him how that thought could give him solace as he faced death. He answered with the confidence of one about to meet his Lord, “Why, if God can bring all the wonder of the worlds out of nothing, He may still make something out of me!” - P.R.V.

Our Daily Bread, April 20

Eyesight Restored

William Dyke was a rich Englishman who had been blind since early childhood. After acquiring his wealth, he fell in love with one of England’s most beautiful young ladies. Soon they were engaged and a date was set for the wedding. Shortly before the anticipated event, Dyke submitted to a new surgical procedure that specialists said would restore his sight. Since his bandages had to stay on until the day of the wedding, the couple decided to have them removed during the ceremony. When the day arrived, William Dyke nervously took his place in the church. Soon the bride approached the altar on the arm of her father. Then came the dramatic moment when the doctor removed the last covering from Dyke’s eyes. As the groom’s eyes grew accustomed to the light, the first sight he beheld was the face of his beloved. As their eyes met, he exclaimed in wonder and joy, “At last!” - P.R.V.

Our Daily Bread, April 17

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