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Frank Reynolds & Company is a family oriented, faith based, wealth management firm. For a quarter of a century, our team has helped Christians utilize intelligent wealth management strategies as they seek to accomplish God’s leading in their faith, family and finances. Over the decade we have felt led to expand our services to help ministries accomplish the work they are called to do.

Frank Reynolds & Company provides services which include Marriage Retreats, Strategies for Maximizing your Financial Support Ministry and Feasibility Studies. How can your ministry benefit from these services?

Treasure Hunters for God Marriage Retreat – We share practical tools and strategies for helping Christian couples discover God’s treasures for true life, true love and true riches. This is a unique marriage retreat focused on the #1 challenge facing all marriages: communication about finances. This Friday / Saturday event helps couples understand the spiritual, emotional and physical processes necessary for achieving true Christian wealth maturity. Some of the topics covered in this marriage retreat are: How to effectively communicate with your spouse regarding finances, How to successfully set and measure Godly goals, How Christian cash flow management is wiser than worldly cash flow management, How to develop a debt freedom plan that can set you free in 6 to 12 years (including your mortgage), How to develop an effective redirection (retirement) plan and much, much more.

Maximizing Your Financial Support Ministry – What could your ministry accomplish if it were fully funded? How would your ministry be different if you had all of the financial resources you need? A Financial Support Ministry is a ministry within your ministry that serves your members through benevolence services, stewardship training and donor development. When your Financial Support Ministry is working effectively your members are growing in their understanding and ability to be the steward God has called them to be. When your Financial Support Ministry is working effectively you will have increased income gifts, asset gifts, planned gifts and estate gifts necessary for accomplishing God’s calling on your ministry. We offer coaching sessions and mentoring programs to prepare you in this critical area of your ministry development.

Feasibility Studies - Our Feasibility Study answers three important questions that impact your ministry.

1) How effective do your key supporters feel you’re ministry is in its service to God and man?

2) What are their opinions about your organization’s major ministry efforts?

3) Are they willing to support your ministry with additional income gifts, asset gifts, planned gifts and estate gifts?

Understanding your key supporters’ answers to these important issues is critical when it comes to your ministry’s ability to advance the Kingdom of God during the next three, five and even ten years.

Our ministry is to assist you in ministering to the stewards you serve while helping your ministry become fully funded in this generation. It would be our pleasure to discuss how our services could be of benefit to your ministry and your members. Please visit our website at for more information on how we can serve you.



The following videoa are to help you with yoiur ministry

Fully Funded Part1

Fully Funded Part2

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