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God’s attributes are our mighty weapons against the foes we face each day. This month we focus in on His attribute of “Love”. What is love? ISBE defines it as this: Love, whether used of God or man, is an earnest and anxious desire for and an active and beneficent interest in the well-being of the one loved. John 3:16 For this is the way God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. This self sacrifice is the evidence of true love. Do you know God's love? Share with us how you have seen His love in your life just this past month alone or share with us how you will show God’s love to another who needs His special love touch. Send your notes and ideas to Sonshine.  To help you, check out the plethora of articles on under the topic of “love”. If you dont have time to check them all out, here’s one to whet your appetite along with a touch of humor by Pastor Keith Krell.

SHARING OUR BLESSINGS! was overwhelmed by your generosity and notes of blessings to our question we posed in the January 2012 newsletter. We asked: what Bible reading program you will choose to use in the year 2012? Below are some of the responses we gathered. Fill our cup Lord and fill it even more! You have given us gifts of joy and blessing that have revived our spirits and encourage us to push onward. Here are some samples you sent our way and our responses in italics:
Sorgho sent a note to say: I want to join you for reading through the Bible in 2012. (smile)
Roger: I am going to check out some of the other many resources you offer. (yeah!)
Carl: This is the second year I have participated in "reading thru the Bible in a year" as part of my daily study. One reason I like it so much is that I can quickly go from one version to another. Thank you for this resource. (terrific)
Robert: Thanks so much for making it easy to access daily readings. We completed the year, do it again. (you are so very welcome)
Virginia purchased 5 NET Bibles; God brought a missionary across her path. She graciously gave these to him for his library! She wrote: He was delighted to receive the Bibles, and immediately stuck his nose deeply into a Bible to look it over. (eternal blessings!)
Michael: Used the reading plan but have been reading through the entire Bible in a year for 7 consecutive years now.  I have also kept a journal the entire time.  I have been blessed and will start year 8 tomorrow! (what a challenge!)
Pastor Bob: I commend you for encouraging the practice of reading through the Bible each year. This has been my practice for years ... as well as encouraging my congregations to do so. (this is humbling)
Rev William: Thank you very much for being a great boon to me to walk thru both the testaments of the Bible during 2011 (you are welcome!)
Eve: I loved doing the "Read the Bible in a Year" program. (superb)


Jobs: We are still looking for drupal developers see Jobs with eternal impact
Chinese Project News: Last month we highlighted the start of our Chinese ministry pages showing various tools and news in English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese visit .This past month we developed Chinese NET Bible (CNET) e-books, which can be viewed on the iPhone / Android /Nook and Kindle Readers. 

Women's Ministry News: Are the women of your church or neighborhood looking for new material that is free and downloadable? Check out Melanie Newton's new study on the book of Acts found on the Women's Bible Study Curriculum Door
NET Bible Editors Support. Our developer, Brian Seagraves, has developed a NET Bible manuscript editor that allows multiple scholars to collaborate on text at the same time. Scholars can edit the English and Chinese NET manuscripts online instead of using Microsoft Word offline. This is a big leap forward allowing us to be error free and much quicker in incorporating your comments and in updating the text on our various sites, platforms, and eBooks.
Path to Spiritual Maturity:  The Beta testing of The Path To Spiritual Maturity  (new believers section) continues, so feel free to test it out and give us your feedback! Meanwhile, we are developing the framework for further stages so that our development team can be expanded. Please pray that God gives us wisdom as we proceed, and that the right members are brought in so that this can be taken to the next level. For questions or comments contact the project manager here.  


Come and join us on as we read through the Bible using the Chronological Reading Plan. Tell others of this and watch our numbers grow! May you be blessed as you read through the Bible in 2012.

EXCITING NEWS:Our fan numbers are growing: From Dec 31 to Jan 30: 14, 928 to 15,043. That means in just one month we have added 115 new visitors. Thank you "fans"!THANKS FOR HELPING! THANKS FOR SHARING! THANKS FOR TELLING!

 Authors of the Month: This month we bring to your attention the section titled: “What’s New” found on the home page of"What's New" will display all the new studies and articles that have been uploaded for your use. Check out David Colburn's study on the book of ACTS and Kay Daigle's series on Judges.

Our user site: has seen an upsurge of new writers. One of them is George Burgin with his snappy titles  e.g.The Black Widow] and witty thoughts that he gleans from the chronological Bible reading about Judah and Tamar.
We encourage you to follow along with these new authors as they present God’s Word to us. 
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