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Chinese NET Bible for TheWord is now available. TheWord is a comprehensive and powerful Bible study application on Windows system, offering not only Bibles, but also commentaries, dictionaries, general books, maps, etc. it has easy-to-use study interface with comparative/parallel view and cross references. 

How to get TheWord software:

Please visit theword software website to download and install the FREE TheWord software.

Choose your Chinese NET Bible module for e-Sword
(Note - all the CNET modules are provided on TheWord modules library website):

  • A free version (Simplified & Traditional) with the full Chinese NET Bible text and a sample of the Chinese NET Bible notes (all chapter 1 notes + notes for verses 1-3 in all other chapters).
  • Help support by buying the premium TheWord module with the full 60,000+ notes and full Chinese NET Bible texts. Full product support provided. Click for screen sample. Only $9.95. Click to buy the Simplified and Traditional now.

 How to install the modules:

Just run the downloaded Chinese NET Bible TheWord module installation package and you will be all set!

 If you find any error in the module, please click here to report to us. Or, you can click here to create a post on TheWord forum.

If you find any translation error in the Chinese NET Bible, please click here to report the problem.


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