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Buy Two Give One

Have you ever wanted to start a program in your church that would help the ministries you support and still give something to your congregation?

Buy Two Bibles, Give Away One.

When your church decides to run the "Buy Two Give Away One" program everyone wins. You get a great, very readable, elegant and modern translation to keep and you get to give one to the local ministry that your church currently supports.

Here is how it works for your congregation:

You buy two Bibles from  We take 15% off of each of the two bibles. We ship both Bibles to you. You keep one and you give the second one to the person in your church is who collecting the Bibles for your program.  You can even give both Bibles away if you want.

Here is how it works for the church: teams up with you and provides you Bibles at a discounted price, to help support your program, and gives you all the marketing material you need to promote it within your church.  You get: a PDF that you can add your local information to, either hand out or display around your church and graphics for your bulletin or website.

To start this program in your church go to our Program Set-up page.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about this program.

How does it work?

Simple, you buy two bibles from using the links provided by us to your church (found on the program set-up page) and you will get two Bibles discounted for this program. You keep one and give the other to your church for the ministry you selected.  You can even donate both Bibles if you want.

How do I know the Bible will go to the right ministry?

Both Bibles will be shipped to you. Then you can take the second Bible to your church and give it to the person collecting them for your selected ministries.

Can our church support several ministries at the same time?

Yes, you can support as many as you want.  Run the program in your church and after you collected all the Bibles you can them divide them up as needed.



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