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Behind the scenes

The most changeling video to date. If you ever wondered what goes into making on of these commercials here ya go.

First the end product

Now for a little behind the scenes action.

Getting the laptop to be able to be in many places was, as I am sure you all know, photo shop'd.  But here is how I had to set it up.

I had to have solid colors behind it so I could mask them out.  Easy you say? This is what I had to do to prevent shadows while filming.

The places the laptop were easy. I didnt have to travel I just did some Google searches.  

The recording process was a different story. Done right here at home with a little help form my freinds.

The animals were interesting to do .

I was out back in the lower 40 and I saw this mongoose and yelled out "SNAKE" and he stopped and turned around.

The Platypus was easy. He was stuffed.

The Chimp...well that was actually my orginal high school picture. Didn't know they had photoshop back then.

The bear...well that was a funny story.  After days of stalking him with a handful trusted sidekicks and a few snickers bars, we found him near his cave.

Once he realized we meant no hard he actually invited us in for dinner and tea. Swell chap he was. This was a picture of us saying goodbye after the photo shoot.

So now you know what goes into one of these commercials.


And you wonder what I do with my days.

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