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Who's Afraid of the Holy Spirit

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Who's Afraid of the Holy Spirit

By: Multiple Authors, click here for complete list.
319 pages
An Investigation into the Ministry
of the Spirit of God Today.
"a remarkable book...will be widely welcomed" - Wayne Grudem
“broad...deep...thought provoking...heart stirring” - Josh McDowell
"a book whose time has come...must be read" - J P Moreland
“both cessationists and charismatics can benefit...insightful...robust” - Sam Storms
The origins of this book came in the early 1990s when both of us editors (Jim Sawyer and Dan Wallace) were facing trauma in our lives and in the lives of our families—traumas that our rationalistic theological training had left us unequipped to deal with. The propositions of our theology left us cold, and failed to speak vitally to the pain we each is our prayer that evangelicals would interact with the points raised in these essays. We hope that men and women of God will be touched by what is written here, and that there will be renewal in the church.
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A Masterpiece, September 9, 2006
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