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Textual Criticism Series

Dr. Daniel B. Wallace has been visiting churches for the past few years, giving a short series on the history of the transmission of the New Testament--from the pens of the apostles to the printed page. The first part of the series shows how textual critics go about determining the original text from the 5,500 existing Greek manuscripts. It's an interactive exercise: The audience first takes on the role of ancient scribes, then modern textual critics: they actually create manuscripts that they later need to sift through, trying to get back to the original wording of the text. In two hours, lay folks get a very good feel for what textual criticism is all about. The second part of the series is on the history of the English Bible, from Wycliffe to the NET. Most Christians know very little as to how we got our Bible. This series is designed to fill that gap.

One church video-taped the series and we are working on converting it to Real Player format. A few selected lessons have been converted and the links are below. We'll do more as time permits.

Note: The overhead projector that Dan used in the presentation is not viewable in Real Player because the camera was not focused on that area of the stage. There is nothing we could do about that.

If you don't have the Real Player, you can play those files on the free VLC media player. You can download the free VLC player here at

Within the VLC player click on "media" then "open network stream" then copy/past the URL for a link below and click "play".

Video 1a (

Video 1b (

Video 2 (

Video 3 (

Video 4a (

Video 4b (

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