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Suggested Order of Funeral Service

Prelude Begins

Pallbearers seated

Pastor and Participants enter

Prelude Stops

Call to Worship



"Our Loving Eternal Heavenly Father, as we meet this morning to remember our dear friend and loved one, (Name), we ask you to be to us the God of all comfort, and the God of all grace. Give us perspective as we face the reality of death, to grow in our perspective of the truths of life. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, AMEN."


Congregation Hymn




"Our Father in Heaven, in as much as you, in your sovereign love, have called the soul of our loved one and friend, (Name), to be with you, we express our thanks, for the privilege of knowing him. We thank you for the way he impacted our lives, and for your grace through difficult times. We are grateful for your love; You, who sent us the Great Shepherd of the Sheep. You who have prepared a place for all who trust you, and who alone are worthy of our faith, to you we turn for continued strength, continued comfort, continued perspective, continued purpose.


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