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Spending Time with God in John

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A 31-Day Plan for Daily Fellowship

Fellowship With God

Set ten or fifteen minutes aside each morning to begin your day with God. The purpose for this time is to help you build a personal relationship with God. The key to building this relationship is communication and spending time together so you get to know each other.  Beginning on page 29, you will find a plan that has been developed to help you get started in building your relation­ship with God.


This allows you the opportunity to talk with God. During this time you can share whatever is on your heart, both the good and the bad. God wants to become one of your best friends. There is nothing you can tell Him that He doesn’t already know, and yet He still loves you. Ask God to help you develop your relationship to Him and to make you the kind of person that He created you to be. Ask God to help you understand the things He is trying to communicate through John’s Gospel. 

Read the Word

When you  have finished your prayer, allow God the opportunity to share with you the things that are upon His heart. Everything that God wants you to know about Himself is recorded for you in the Bible. Read the selected verses for the day and ask God to give you guidance in what He wants you to know and understand. 

Things to Consider

During days 1-7 of the 31-Day Plan you will be guided in the “Things to Consider” section to look for certain truths in the text which should help you learn what God is trying to communicate to you. On day 8 you can begin recording  the major ideas you see in each selection for yourself.


This is a place for you to record or comment on things of interest to you as you read and consider the text. There is also a blank page at the end of this section for your use.


Write down things you don’t understand and ask a more mature Christian to help you find answers from the Scriptures.


Is there something you learned from God which you need to apply to your life? The purpose of fellowship with God is to change your life so you become more like Jesus — not just to make you smarter. This is the key to becoming a new creation in Christ. You can record what you intend to do about what God has said to you.

Helpful Hints

  • Go to bed on time in order to be awake and alert
  • Choose a quiet place
  • Don’t rush through God’s Word
  • Aim at not missing your fellowship with God
  • Start immediately to set a time for tomorrow morning
  • Set your alarm now!
  • My personal appointment with God:
    • Time_________________      Place_______________________

May God bless you as you embark on your daily journey with God through the Gospel of John!

Daily Reading Plan


Day Text Topic
Day 1 1:1-28 Who Jesus Is
Day 2 1:29-51 What Others Said About Jesus
Day 3 2:1-25 First Miracle; Cleansing of the Temple
Day 4 3:1-36 You Must Be Born Again
Day 5 4:1-42 Jesus’ Encounter with the Samaritans
Day 6 4:43-54 Jesus Heals a Nobleman’s Son
Day 7 5:1-18 Jesus Heals on the Sabbath Day
Day 8 5:19-47 The Father and the Son
Day 9 6:1-24 Jesus Feeds Five Thousand 
Day 10 6:25-71 Jesus—The Bread of Life
Day 11 7:1-24 Jesus in Galilee and Jerusalem
Day 12 7:25-53 Jesus’ Ministry in Jerusalem
Day 13 8:1-30 Jesus and the Woman Taken in Sin
Day 14 8:31-59 The Truth Will Set You Free
Day 15 9:1-41 Jesus Heals a Blind Man
Day 16 10:1-21 Jesus—The Good Shepherd
Day 17 10:22-42 Jesus Declares His Divinity
Day 18 11:1-37 The Death of Lazarus
Day 19 11:38-57 Jesus Brings Lazarus back to Life
Day 20 12:1-19 Mary Anoints Jesus; Triumphal Entry
Day 21 12:20-50 Jesus is Glorified
Day 22   13:1-38 The Last Supper
Day 23   14:1-31 Jesus Teaches About the Holy Spirit
Day 24   15:1-27 Jesus—The True Vine
Day 25   16:1-33 The Work of the Holy Spirit
Day 26   17:1-26 Jesus Prays for His Disciples
Day 27   18:1-40 Jesus Arrested and Tried
Day 28   19:1-27  Condemnation and Crucifixion
Day 29   19:28-42 Jesus’ Death and Burial
Day 30   20:1-31 The Resurrection
Day 31   21:1-25 Jesus Appears in Galilee


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